The Process

Who is eligible?

A structured settlement annuity, underwritten by strongly rated life insurance companies can only be offered to plaintiffs who have sustained a physical injury as a result of some unforeseen accident 

The injured party can allocate any portion of their net settlement to the annuity.  The structured settlement plan is tailored to meet the needs of the client. Sitting down with a qualified settlement success consultant will help determine whether payments should be paid immediately or deferred. 

Structured Settlements Today

how it works

Today, structured settlements are widely recognized for the way they insulate beneficiaries from economic uncertainty. Payments can be guaranteed for decades or even for life and they are not subject to reductions due to interest rate or market changes.

Depending on the terms, a structured settlement may also allow an injured person to maintain eligibility for Medicaid and certain government means-tested programs.

A lawsuit settlement may be your only chance to protect your future income for years or even decades. A structured settlement provides certainty in a volatile economy with no taxes and no ongoing fees.

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